• Naturally Cultivated

    Open Pastures & Natural Foraging
    Regenerative Farming Practices
    No GMOs, No Fertilizers

  • Pure & Preservative-Free

    No Artificial Ingredients
    No Nitrates
    No Antibiotics

  • 100% Health Conscious

    Gluten free
    Authentic Italian and Spanish spices

  • Uncompromising Quality

    Precision in every step
    Guaranteed shelf stable
    Heritage meets modern innovation


Every slice of our salami comes from consciously nurtured pigs.

We are deeply committed to animal welfare and conscious farming at Adagio Salumi. Our pigs enjoy the luxury of state-of-the-art deep straw bedded houses and the freedom to explore 200 acres of our diverse lands, forage on specially planted salad bars, and cool off in wallows. We extend our ethical farming practices and principles to partner farms, ensuring they adhere to our stringent standards. This commitment means we’re able to provide salami slices that are not only delicious but also sourced with utmost respect for animal wellbeing, from both our family farm and certified local partners.


We'll do anything for that extra bit of flavor.

Removing perfectly cured meat from our chamber is like landing a man on themoon. To pull off that final step, everything has to move together perfectly in sync— the air circulation, temperature, humidity, pH, and moisture.

It’s a complex process for a simple reaction: “Wow.”

We don’t measure success by how many pounds of Salumi leave the curing chamber, but rather how much joy we observe with each bite.