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Adagio Salumi Discovery Club of the Month

A members-only salami bundle delivered to you every month. Curated by the founder himself.

Enjoy our salami your way!

  • Date Night Delight

    Elevate a homemade dinner date with dishes featuring our salami. Cook together with your significant other, creating a romantic meal and building connection and intimacy in the kitchen.

  • Entertaining with Elegance at Home

    Impress your guests and uplift your home entertaining by featuring our salami as the star of your charcuterie.

  • Family Day Out

    Pack our salami for a family feast in the great outdoors. Enjoy the scenic backdrop as you savor the taste and the precious moments spent with loved ones.

  • Self-Care Break

    Take a well-deserved break. Enjoy our delicious salami as you unwind with your favorite relaxing activities, providing a perfect pause from your busy day.

  • Bites with Friends

    Bring our salami to your next hangout in the park. Put together a simple snack board with cheese and fruits for a fun outdoor meal, enjoying good times and good food with friends.

  • Lunchbox Surprise

    Pack a punch of flavor in their lunch with our organic salami – safe, delicious, and a delightful surprise for your kids!

Why choose us?

  • On our farm

    ✅ Open Pastures & Natural Foraging
    ✅ Regenerative Farming Practices
    ✅ 24/7 Vet Services

    ❌ No Fertilizer
    ❌ No Mono Crops
    ❌ No GMOs

  • In the feeders

    ✅ Peanuts & Hazelnuts
    ✅ Seasonal Treats (Watermelons, Pumpkins
    ✅ Milo, Grain Sorghum

    ❌ No Corn or Soy
    ❌ No Hormones
    ❌ No Antibiotics

  • In the cuts

    ✅ Spices Domestically Sourced
    ✅ Keto-friendly
    ✅ Handcrafted

    ❌ No Nitrates
    ❌ No Artificial Ingredients, Fillers
    ❌ No Gluten