Inspired by traditions and recipes passed down for generations

As a child, I made salami with my father on the picnic table with a hand crank meat grinder. This experience seeded a romantic idea of sharing this craft, but it was having my own family that solidified the need to build a salumeria. Taking what I had learned and turning it into a passion for my children has become the greatest adventure of my life.

Traditions and recipes passed down for generations have inspired us. We don’t measure success by how many pounds of salumi leave the curing chamber, but rather how much joy we observe in our children as the meat cures. Adagio Salumi has become synonymous with la famiglia, and we are happy to invite your family to be a part of ours.


Our first customers were chefs.

They were looking for something exceptionally delicious. They told us that our meat was the first to match and even exceed their standards.

Since then, we’ve served thousands.

Restaurant owners, grocery store owners, shoppers at farmers markets, people simply looking for a healthy and nutritious source of protein. They all react just like those chefs: the silence, the heavy breathing, the head nods.

Today, we're trusted by over 30 award-winning chefs and dozens of top-ranked cocktail lounges across Texas.