For Gifting

Gifting an Adagio Salumi box isn't just a holiday gesture; it's sharing a heartfelt 'I appreciate you'. Each box isn't merely a product—it's a handcrafted testament to a legacy. Made not by machines, but by real hands, with every slice carrying the weight of family recipes cherished for generations. When you give our salami, you're not just gifting food; you're sharing a story, a tradition, and most importantly, a personal touch that says, 'This means something to me, and so do you'.

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For Entertaining

Holiday gatherings? We think charcuterie boards are a must-have. It's about pulling up a chair, grabbing a slice, and sharing a laugh. Our family's salamis are made for these moments. Simple, genuine, and packed with flavor – just like the best holiday memories. We've handpicked the perfect pairings for you. Just spread them out, gather your folks, and let the good times roll.


Friendsgiving Trio

Spice up your Friendsgiving with this trio! Soppressata's spice pairs with Aged Gouda's richness, while Syrah wine adds fruity depth. A perfect combo for a memorable gathering!


Christmas Eve Delights

Chorizo's spicy kick meets creamy Provolone, while Sangiovese wine adds fruity charm: this combination promises a flavorsome holiday celebration, perfect for creating joyful memories with loved ones.

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Corporate Events

Choose the Adagio Salumi VIP Experience for your next annual planning, executive team meeting, or office parties. Ensure a seamless, impressive, and tasteful gathering that speaks volumes about your attention to quality and detail.


Private Parties

Throw a private event like no other with the Adagio Salumi VIP Experience. Delight your guests with an exclusive, tailor-made salumi adventure, ensuring an exceptional and memorable celebration.


Special Occasions

Make birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant milestones unforgettable with the Adagio Salumi VIP Experience. Offer your loved ones a customized, gourmet experience that they will cherish forever.

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