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Imagine a little surprise showing up at your door each month, filled with a delightful selection of top-notch salamis, carefully picked out just for you. That's what being a member of ourAdagio Salumi Discovery Club is all about! It’s not just another subscription box, it’s like receiving a thoughtful gift from a close friend - a friend who truly loves their salami.

A World of Flavors at Your Doorstep

Every month, we’ll send you three delightful 6oz salamis made with authentically-sourced Italian and Spanish spices. It's a fun and exciting way to discover new flavors and find your new favorites. We take pride in choosing only the best for you, ensuring that every bite brings a smile to your face.

Long-Lasting Delight

One of the great things about our salami is its impressive shelf life. You don’t have to rush to finish all the deliciousness in a month. Take your time to savor each one, or keep them stored for a special occasion. Our salamis will wait for you, staying fresh and flavorful.

Keep or Share the Love

Found a salami you adore? Wonderful, enjoy every bit of it! Stumbled upon one that’s not quite your cup of tea? No problem at all! Our salamis make the perfect gift, and it’s a joy to be able to share these little discoveries with friends and family. It’s all about spreading love, one salami at a time.

Join Our Cozy Community

When you join the Adagio Salumi Discovery Club, you're joining a warm and welcoming community of fellow salami lovers. It’s a space to share, learn, and enjoy all the wonderful aspects of salami with people who share your passion. And hey, there are no strings attached. You can pause or cancel your membership whenever you like.

In a Nutshell:

  • Enjoy a monthly surprise of three 6oz handpicked salamis
  • Relish the long shelf life of our high-quality salami
  • Keep the ones you love or pass along the joy to friends and family
  • Be part of a friendly community of fellow salami lovers
  • Enjoy the freedom to manage your membership your way

So, ready for a monthly box of joy delivered straight to your doorstep? We can’t wait to welcome you to our family and embark on this flavorful journey together. Join us now and let's make every month a little celebration of taste and discovery.

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Enjoy our salami your way!

  • Date Night Delight

    Elevate a homemade dinner date with dishes featuring our salami. Cook together with your significant other, creating a romantic meal and building connection and intimacy in the kitchen.

  • Entertaining with Elegance at Home

    Impress your guests and uplift your home entertaining by featuring our salami as the star of your charcuterie.

  • Family Day Out

    Pack our salami for a family feast in the great outdoors. Enjoy the scenic backdrop as you savor the taste and the precious moments spent with loved ones.

  • Self-Care Break

    Take a well-deserved break. Enjoy our delicious salami as you unwind with your favorite relaxing activities, providing a perfect pause from your busy day.

  • Bites with Friends

    Bring our salami to your next hangout in the park. Put together a simple snack board with cheese and fruits for a fun outdoor meal, enjoying good times and good food with friends.

  • Lunchbox Surprise

    Pack a punch of flavor in their lunch with our organic salami – safe, delicious, and a delightful surprise for your kids!

Why choose us?

  • On our farm

    ✅ Open Pastures & Natural Foraging
    ✅ Regenerative Farming Practices
    ✅ 24/7 Vet Services

    ❌ No Fertilizer
    ❌ No Mono Crops
    ❌ No GMOs

  • In the feeders

    ✅ Peanuts & Hazelnuts
    ✅ Seasonal Treats (Watermelons, Pumpkins
    ✅ Milo, Grain Sorghum

    ❌ No Corn or Soy
    ❌ No Hormones
    ❌ No Antibiotics

  • In the cuts

    ✅ Spices Domestically Sourced
    ✅ Keto-friendly
    ✅ Handcrafted

    ❌ No Nitrates
    ❌ No Artificial Ingredients, Fillers
    ❌ No Gluten