Introduction to Adagio Salumi

At Adagio Salumi, we believe in creating more than just food; we believe in crafting experiences that honor the rich culinary traditions of Italy and Spain. Our handcrafted, small-batch salami is made using heritage traditions and recipes passed down through generations, right here in the heart of Texas Hill Country.


Why Chefs Choose Adagio Salumi

We understand that as a chef, you require the finest ingredients to create your culinary masterpieces. Adagio Salumi is trusted by over 30 award-winning chefs and top-ranked cocktail lounges across Texas for our commitment to quality, flavor, and heritage.



Elevated Classic in Superior Slices

Large Diameter Pepperoni

Premium, thin-cut slices approximately 2 inches in diameter, ideal for artisan pizzas, subs, and calzones. Request a sample.

Small Diameter Pepperoni

Classic slice size, approximately 1 inch in diameter, the most popular choice for pizzerias. Perfect for New York-style pizzas. Request a sample.

Crisp and Cup Pepperoni

Small, coin-sized slices that cup slightly when baked, creating a unique texture and intense flavor experience. Request a sample.

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