The perfect salami is all-natural.

  • Naturally Cultivated

    Open Pastures & Natural Foraging
    Regenerative Farming Practices
    No GMOs, No Fertilizers

  • Pure & Preservative-Free

    No Artificial Ingredients
    No Nitrates
    No Antibiotics

  • 100% Health Conscious

    Gluten free
    Authentic Italian and Spanish spices

  • Uncompromising Quality

    Precision in every step
    Guaranteed shelf stable
    Heritage meets modern innovation


Spread it, cook it, love it - it’s that simple.

My friends at Adagio Salumi and I, being fellow Austinites, share a common passion for pure ingredients, ethical farming, and delivering flavors that stand out. When they introduced me to their all-natural, handcrafted salami, I was beyond excited to try them out. Here are my top picks! These salamis are wonderfully spreadable, adding a delightful twist to any recipe.

Ali Miller, founder of Naturally Nourished

The more you buy, the more you save.

Get 15% off when you buy 2-4 salame.
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Kind words from our community

  • This salami is in a league of its own. I've tried grocery store brands, but there's no comparison. The flavor, and texture is unmatched!!

  • Your salami has spoiled me for anything else. I can't go back to ordinary after savoring this!

  • I've been on the lookout for a guilt-free snack that satisfies my cravings without compromising on taste. This was exactly what I needed!

  • The Sobrasada is the real deal. Authentically Spanish 💯

  • I'm a heat enthusiast, and Nduja delivers an unbeatable spicy punch. It's a cut above any Nduja I've tried before. The flavor explosion is pure bliss.

  • I appreciate your dedication to offering an array of flavors. Most brands just have one kind of salami. Please keep making new stuff!

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